Friday, September 12

Thursday, July 3

Here's to good friends...

I heard some friends stopped by my old Richmond résidence; thanks Tracy, Dan, and Jessie :)

For the benefit of those who don't already know them, Tracy was like a second mum to me - she looked after me every weekday since I was a pup, and holidays too. Her husband, Dan, used to take holidays to look after me - I suppose I am rather fun to be with ;) Thanks Dan! And Jessie, well, she's one out-of-this-world Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and she's been my side-kick since I was a pup too. She showed me the doggie ropes! We played together every day, and we were the best of friends - I think Arnie and Jessie would get along very well!

Just found a few old photos in my doggie basket... Thinking of you, wish you were here :)

Wednesday, July 2

Two peas in a pod

Old collars...

New collars...(yippee! ain't we gorgeous?!)

Without collars....(such love!)

Just doing what we do...(regardless.)

Saturday, June 28


It's back to just the two of us now. Rashes are pretty much gone, so a successful bath time and tablets are doing the trick!

I probably shouldn't say this, but Arnie and I are definitely getting closer (as you can see from the picture...) Arnie has taken to "looking out for me." He says this is because I'm his "little" sister. It's very cute ;-)